From the minds behind the Leadership Mind Switch:

Kylie and Debra met when they were at a speaking engagement together. Debra was the guest speaker and Kylie was the moderator for the conversation. The audience was C-level women and the setting was a high-end loft space in Manhattan. While mingling and sipping a cocktail at the end of the evening they got to talking about writing and agree to a call to explore an article or something similar — Kylie was looking to share her leadership stories. A few days later and they had agreed to pitch McGraw Hill on writing a book together. Debra calls Kylie a “young punk” and herself a “cotton top” and their friendship is now one that will endure anything. The Leadership Mind Switch is a combination of their experiences with different vantage points but shared values. It was a blast to write…

Coming from two very different perspectives – Debra’s as an executive coach and Kylie’s as a global executive – they saw a significant gap in how business leaders had been thinking about leadership. And whether executives were in the category of seasoned veteran or rising star, it seemed that no one had the right set of tools to navigate the rapidly changing space that is the new world of work.

In The Leadership Mind Switch, Benton and Wright-Ford issue a call-to-action to leaders to make the mind switch: to learn how to lead across generations and styles, as demographics and tech advances have changed the playing field forever. Technology innovations drive a pace of change today that would have staggered the most successful executives of only a generation ago, and that pace is only going to increase. But one thing remains the same: Quality leadership is the hinge on which the fate of every organization swings.

To emerge as a quality leader, executives must learn how to successfully drive teams comprising different generations, with different expectations, all of whom have different ideas as to what career success looks like. In this space of comprehensive diversity, how we plan, how we work, and how we think all has to change.

Written for both aspiring leaders and experienced executives who wish to stay relevant, The Leadership Mind Switch empowers readers to take ownership of designing their leadership style.

Readers will gain the agility, confidence, and fearlessness to be the kind of leader who is both firm in their decisions but maintains an air of approachability. The Mind Switch leader can:

  • Drive high productivity while keeping workers happy and satisfied in their job.
  • Embrace new technologies without sacrificing the human touch.
  • Work seamlessly with people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Create a lasting legacy of work.

Benton and Wright-Ford’s collaboration exemplifies the principles they espouse. Coming from different generations (Boomer and GenX) and business backgrounds (Executive and Coach), each has helped many of today’s top executives successfully position themselves and their companies for the future. They have had hundreds of conversations with chief executives around the world on this subject and share the insights they gained through that research.

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