Leading in the new world of work: What has and hasn’t changed? – Australian Institute of Management

As leaders, we build a repertoire of behaviors that work well for us and then we refine, tweak, refine. In the early stage of our leadership journey, we make mistakes often – mishandle communication, make hiring boo-boos and misjudge the impact of our own actions on others – and then we learn not to do these things again. We carry a library of examples in our heads of things that did and didn’t work so we can repeat our successes and minimise our failures. This is all rational and efficient behavior.

Increasingly though, the past is failing as a map for how leaders need to act in the future. The world of work has changed dramatically as a result of demographic shifts, with the rise of millennials and globalization, and tech advances that reduce boundaries to; innovation, communication and access to information. As a result, we need to rethink how we lead. Read More

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