“I’ve read scores of books on leadership. Fortunately, you don’t have to. Just read The Leadership Mind Switch. This book is a must read for all leadership practitioners – from newly promoted supervisors to CEOs. It’s chock full of insights and practical tips to improve your and your team’s performance.”

Robert Eckert
Retired CEO, of Mattel and former CEO of Kraft, Businessweek’s 2001 Executive of the Year

“The Leadership Mind Switch offers a powerful roadmap for a new and enlightened generation of business leaders. Benton and Wright-Ford map out a set of frameworks and strategies that enable leaders not only to survive, but to thrive in this new industrial era.”

Pauline Brown
Senior Lecturer at the Harvard Business School, Former Chairman of North America at LVMH Inc.

“How we work is going through a great transformation and needs a new form of leadership. Success is no longer measured by the size of your office, as much as how well you understand and bring together the disparate resources you need to reach any goal. The Leadership Mind Switch is the perfect guide to understanding this new form of leadership. As entertaining to read as it is informative.”

Keith Ferrazzi
#1 New York Times bestselling author of Who’s Got Your Back and Never Eat Alone

“The Leadership Mind Switch was a really insightful book on how to make my leadership future-ready. It takes a 2016-onwards look at the challenges a leader will face, and offers some great advice! Different from the usual leadership tomes that get published and is definitely worth the time.”

Udai Kunzru
President, Dyson, Asia Pacific

“Benton and Wright-Ford’s work on leadership surpasses all expectations. They have an uncanny eye for the highly effective habits of great leaders and convincingly make the case that those who are willing to study them carefully, can reach their dreams. Reading their book is a pleasure and a top notch management education.”

Jeff Cunningham
Former Publisher, Forbes Magazine, Professor of Global Leadership, Thunderbird School of ASU

“The Leadership Mind Switch pushed me to forge my own thoughts on leading across generations – and to act now.”

Amy Carney
President, Research and Advertiser Sales, Sony Picture Television

“The Leadership Mind Switch is not another book about leadership. It tells the story of how technology combined with cultural and generational demographics are changing the work environment more rapidly than society has ever seen. The fourth revolution is quickly becoming our business reality. Few leadership skills will remain unchanged, and managers and leaders must be prepared. The Leadership Mind Switch will help you understand the dynamics of the changes and how to evolve as a leader to successfully transition through the fourth revolution.”

Clare Hart
CEO, Sterling Talent Solutions

“The Leadership Mind Switch is the most comprehensive manual I have seen in preparing leaders of yesterday to be the leaders of tomorrow. Truly a MUST READ for any executive in any industry!”

Rulon F. Stacey, Ph.D.
FACHE, Chair, Board of Overseers, Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and Managing Director, Navigant Consulting

“This is simply an outstanding book on Leadership! It is conceptually deep, yet is highly pragmatic in its approach. This book is going to be a steady North Star for leaders as they navigate the fast changing landscape of virtually everything they need to manage and manage through.”

Raja Rajamannar
Global Chief Marketing & Communications Officer and President, Healthcare Division, Mastercard

“The Leadership Mind Switch provides the tools and insights for aspiring leaders.”

Kazu Gomi
CEO & President, NTT America, Inc.

This book is a perfect toolbox for both aspiring and existing Leaders. Benton and Wright-Ford offer an experience-based, practical approach to revisiting one’s skill set. They gradually bring the reader into a new and more complex leadership environment, while taking away any anxiety and replacing it with the idea that all these new ‘issues’ are in reality ‘opportunities’ for a more effective and rewarding leadership style.”

Andrea Ragnetti
Member of Board, TEKA GROUP, Former CEO Alitalia

“What’s keeping you from reading The Leadership Mind Switch right now? We all know leadership is at the heart of great movements in science, business, technology, and politics. The thoughtful and provocative ideas raised in this book will switch you on.”

Scott Goodson
CEO, StrawberryFrog, Bestselling author of Uprising

“Last year’s technological frontier already looks small in the rear view mirror, and demographics are rapidly changing as well. Both bring fantastic opportunities and daunting challenges. Benton and Wright-Ford show us how to realize the first and overcome the second with the kind of wisdom that can’t be found using search engines.”

Dino Falaschetti, PhD, MBA
Chief Economist, U.S. House Committee on Financial Services

“The Leadership Mind Switch offers leaders a fresh and practical approach to navigate the evolving complexities of the fourth industrial revolution. After reading the experienced perspective and wisdom of Benton and Wright-Ford, rising and seasoned leaders will be able to go to work with the critical skills they need to be ready for the future.”

Rick Ambrose
Executive Vice President, Lockheed Martin Corporation, President, Space Systems Company

“I could feel the energy literally jumping off the pages Of The Leadership Mind Switch. This book clearly presents the future landscape of how people and technology will intersect with opportunities. Benton and Wright-Ford show us how to navigate successfully through this challenging new crossroads of people, work, technology, and leadership.”

Paul Schlossberg
President, DFW Consulting

“As the CEO of a disruptive industrial 3D printing company, I couldn’t agree more that technology and demographics have changed everything for us — and our leadership needs to catch up! A must-read for both aspirational and practical guidelines to the new world of work.”

Rick Smith
CEO, Fast Radius, Founder and former CEO of World50 and of G100 Next Leadership

“The world is changing fast, but many of our leadership models are stuck in the past. Based on years of experience, Benton and Wright-Ford have written a book that addresses the leadership needs challenges of today and tomorrow.”

Daryl Brewster
CEO, Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP)

“I could feel the energy literally jumping off the pages Of The Leadership Mind Switch. This book clearly presents the future landscape of how people and technology will intersect with opportunities. Benton and Wright-Ford show us how to navigate successfully through this challenging new crossroads of people, work, technology, and leadership.”

Paul Schlossberg
President, DFW Consulting

“In a recent address to a group of employees, I said, ’Our customer of the future is someone like my 21 year-old daughter. They think, work, and communicate on a whole different realm and we need to adapt our service to their needs in a differentiated way.’ Benton and Wright-Ford’s book strikes at the heart of this exact issue. Everyone on my leadership team will receive a copy to read.”

Barbara Smith
President, Commercial Metals Company

“For both ‘rising leaders’ and ‘nimble masters,’ this is a great practical guide for successfully meeting the complex challenges presented by globalization, unimaginable technological change, and generational diversity in the workplace.”

M. Carl Johnson
III, Chairman of the Board, Nautilus, Inc., 2017 Fellow, Distinguished Careers Institute, Stanford University

“A must read for the experienced as well as the aspiring leader during this time of unprecedented pace of change.”

Uta Werner
Chief Strategy Officer, Signet

“The world has changed. Successful business management requires leadership innovation at all levels from the front line manager to the CEO. Applying the principles outlined in this book will enable leaders to make the mind switch necessary to be successful. A great read!”

Mike Dennison
President, Flex Inc.

“The Leadership Mind Switch is a refreshingly modern, in-your-face view of leadership that explains how technology is erasing the generation gap and crystalizes the mindsets and behaviors key to becoming a ‘fourth revolution leader.'”

Joe Spagnoletti
Former CIO, Campbell Soup Company, Founder, Spagnoletti Net

“In a world syncopated by split-seconds and nanotechnology, we all need a mind switch to lead. Rather than top-down commands, Benton and Wright-Ford show us that the best leadership tools are continuous learning, constant engagement, and the ability to inspire.”

Mike Fernandez
CEO-U.S., Burson-Marsteller

“The next 10 years will bring technological and demographic changes that will continue to revolutionize the workplace. As leaders, we need to change our mindset in order to seize new opportunities. In The Leadership Mind Switch, Benton and Wright-Ford provide practical advice on how to lead and succeed in this environment.”

Deanna Mulligan
President & CEO, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America